from by The Counter Elites



written and produced by Jonathan A. Berz and Shaun Wisniewski
recorded at Woodshed Studios, Oak Park, MI 2014-2016
mastered by Ed Sertage


gotta have enough

gotta pay the mother-huggin' poor tax
satisfy the man before he reaches for his axe
gotta get that monkey off my back
gratify the clan before they move in for attack

gotta have enough

gotta pay the milk
gotta find some dough before the doo-doo hits the fan
gotta get that marmalade
gotta mine for more, I'm gonna bleed before I'm paid

gotta have enough

gotta rustle up some cents so I can pay the rent
gotta hustle up some ones before I come undone
gotta wrangle up my fives so I can stay alive
gotta strangle out some tens before the evenin' ends
gotta muscle up some twenties, money
gotta have enough
got a hundred dollar bill? who I gotta kill?
gotta have enough


from THE PLEDGE OF AGGRIEVANCE, released October 13, 2016
Jonny Germicide: bass guitar and vocals
SW Son of Sam Walton: drums



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The Counter Elites Detroit, Michigan

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